IDEAL ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS & CONSULTANCY provides apt measures to protect, enhance and advance environmental sustainability. IES is focused on the removal, treatment, recycling and disposal of restricted solids, fluids.


As a socially committed Company in environmental solutions, we work closely with all aspects of local government as well as private & public institutions to help them reach their sustainability goals; providing them with large-scale innovative water, energy and waste solutions. We aim to replicate natural systems to solve man-made problems.

More so, by speaking our client’s language and understanding how their business decisions are guided, IES is better placed to deliver the solutions needed across complex issues such as: managing water sources, recovering vital resources from waste and delivering alternative approaches to energy management..

We offer our services across a huge range of commercial sectors, supporting customers with solutions that meet their needs across waste and recycling, energy efficiency and sustainable water management.

We work closely with local councils, industrial areas, markets, residents, apartments, resorts, hotels, auditoriums, plantations, educational institutions, hostels, worship centers, hospitals and orphanages providing essential urban and regional services across water, waste and energy.