Technical Specifications:

General Specifications:

One Piece Moulded, Heavy Duty Composting Unit suitable for one family made out of Fiberglas absolutely smooth and sanitary, chemical resistant, blended with stabilizers, Anti Corrosive, Anti Acidic, Non toxic and from joints, welds or rims.Four supporting legs are moulded in the Unit for longer life sturdy and ideal for Home Composting of Bio-Waste.

Basic Qualities

Moulded from Special Stabilized grades of Fiberglass.
100 % Rust Free and Maintenance free.
Light Weight and Easy to handle.
Hygienic and Easy to clean.
Washable & reusable.
Strong and Durable.
Provided with 04 Studs at bottom.

Detail Specifications:

Application : For Composting of Bio waste and convert into organic manure with or without worms

Capacity : Suitable for one family (05 persons) for one month.

Material : Fiberglass, Anti Corrosive and Anti Acidic.

Dimensions : Top Should not be less than 400 mm.
Bottom Should not be less than 380 mm
Height Should not be less than 330 mm

Design : Partition with design feature so that monthly composting cycle can be set. Partition to be of same material of Unit; detachable mode for safe logistics.
The design of the partition will also enable free movement for the worms.
2 holes of 10 mm Dia provided at bottom for collection of Vermi Wash.
4 Nos. of Bottom Studs are provided at the bottom to prevent ants and other insects going inside the composting Unit. Bottom
Studs (04 Nos.) are fabricated at the bottom of Unit to make it seamless.
Perforated lid of same material as of Unit with min. 2 mm thickness is provided for aeration.
Lid is of fully openable
Arrangement to be made for collection of Vermi Wash from bottom; Also to be of corrosion free or of plastics.

Colour : Olive Green, Blue

Durability : The Composting Unit is specially designed to take care of the load of Bio waste. Home Composting Unit is one piece moulded, non toxic, strong and sturdy, re-usable, washable absolutely smooth and sanitary ideal for composting applications both for Simple composting as well as Vermi Composting method.

Price : INR 1400.00

ISS Vermi composte picture 1

The specification of the unit is approved by Suchitwa Mission , Govt of Kerala( G.O attached)

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